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Halloween: Trick or Treat?

10-21-11 Apostle Phil Smith Halloween: Trick or Treat? Apostle Phillip F. Smith, Jr. discusses Halloween and this “season of fear” on Living Well with Dr. Peg radio show. Apostle Phil is the Senior Pastor of Colorado Christian Fellowship.

Bible Lookup

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Mental Health Resources – Denver metro area

For FREE mental health, safety, and wellness information, listen to “Living Well with Dr. Peg” radio program on 94.7 KRKS FM on Saturdays, at 1 pm Mountain, or online at or on your smartphone using the KRKS or TuneIn apps. Contact me for mental health, wellness, and safety consulting and training. Support the mission […]

Press On

Someone once said, “There are no new ideas, just people who don’t know the old ones.” As the author of a book called, Do Something Different for a Change, I like to think that I “wrote the book on change.” But actually, I think someone else beat me to it…Maybe you’ve heard of this other […]

Get Rid of Your Stinking Thinking

When I was first married, I would get on my husband if he didn’t put down the newspaper when I was trying to talk to him. Me: “Are you listening to me?” Him: “Yes. I heard every word you said. You said you’re mad because your boss has been micromanaging you and why did they […]

Healthy Relationships

April 15, 2011 – Misty Brown Willis offers insights and strategies to help young people cultivate healthy relationships. Listen live every Friday at 4 pm Mountain Time (6 pm Eastern) on 1220 AM in Denver and live on the web at

Your Change Quotient (CQ)

Most people want to have change in their lives, but they are not willing to MAKE changes. They want something different, but fail to DO something different. Your CQ – Change Quotient can help you learn more about your motivation to change. Your CQ measures your openness to change and your willingness to change. Your […]

‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly: Do Something Different in Your Family Relationships

The holidays are here! This is a season of gathering around the table with family and loved ones and enjoying time together. But perhaps in your family, the simple request of, “Pass the potatoes,” turns into a food fight! Depending on your perspective and past experiences, family togetherness can be seen as a blessing or […]

Get Back on Track

For the new year, did you plan to exercise more, eat better, quit smoking, or clear your clutter? If you are like most people, you were really enthusiastic for a few days, and then, well, other things got in the way. Now is the perfect time to revisit your new year’s goals and evaluate your […]

Clear Your Clutter

As I walked around my home last week, closing all of the windows that I left open most of the summer, I gave my house a thorough once-over to see what maintenance projects I need to get done before winter arrives. During the course of my inspection, I discovered a few nooks, crannies, surfaces, drawers, […]