Treatments for Youth Depression

October 4, 2013 – teen_emotionalNational Mental Illness awareness week begins on Sunday, October 6 and National Depression Screening Day is on Thursday, October 8, 2013. Major depression is a serious illness that affects about 25 million Americans.  Researchers believe that more than one-half of people who die by suicide are experiencing depression. Psychotherapy and medication are the most effective treatments available. But what treatments are appropriate for children and adolescents? What are the risks of medicating youth?

Jacqueline West, child and family therapist in Dallas, Texas discusses the various treatments for depression in children and youth.

We will also discuss post partum depression which reportedly was a factor in the incident yesterday in Washington. A woman rammed her car through the barricades at the White House and then was chased by the police towards Capitol Hill. She crashed her car and was shot dead by the police, leaving behind her one year old daughter in the car.


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