Dr. Peg Discusses “Doggie Tales” on Denver’s 9News

DENVER – Dr. Peggy Mitchell Norwood knew she’d found a friend the moment she laid eyes on her dog Dallas in … well … Dallas.

Norwood had just gotten divorced the day before. Her friend had taken in the stray dog but didn’t have room to keep her in her home.

“Impulsively, I blurted out, ‘I’ll take her!'” Norwood writes in her new book Doggie Tales: Lessons on Life, Love, and Loss I Learned From My Dog.

In the book, Norwood lets dog owners share their personal stories of their furry family members. The psychotherapist also says it’s natural for people to connect very closely with their pets.

“Never having owned a dog before, I was caught off guard by the way that Dallas stirred something deep inside of me,” Norwood writes.

Her book also offers a spiritual side to relationships with pets.

“It was no coincidence that I met Dallas just one day after my divorce,” Norwood said. “I believe God brings people and experiences into our lives exactly when they are needed and when we are ready for the lessons they can teach us.”

Dozens of dog owners share their stories in the book, ranging from the happiest to the saddest of times. Norwood says there’s a lesson in it all.

“When all is said and done,” she said, “know that when life bites you, you don’t have to bite back.”

To learn more about Doggie Tales, visit: http://drpegonline.com/doggie-tales/.