Mental Health 101 & Church Safety Workshop in Aurora, Colorado (near Denver)

Do you know the signs that a person may have a mental health issue? What should you do if you suspect that mental illness is contributing to disruptive or problem behavior? If you were confronted with a suicidal person, armed gunman (“active shooter”), would you know how to respond? While most mentally ill people are not violent, many of the recent mass killers have had mental health issues. This workshop will provide you with the information and tools you need to recognize and respond appropriately to mental health issues and emergencies. Participants will learn how to recognize signs of a possible mental health issue, what practical steps to take to respond to a suicide threat or other mental health crisis, how to make referrals for professional help, and an introduction to responding to an armed gunman or mass killer. This workshop is for anyone who is concerned about mental health and church safety (e.g., pastors, apostles, ushers, deacons, greeters, children’s church and youth ministry leaders, adult ministry leaders, church security, law enforcement, first responders, parking, transportation, facilities, lay counselors, congregation members).  Register at or contact: |  303-745-4944.