March Forth! with Dr. Peg

march4Are you a chronic procrastinator?

Do you have trouble managing your time?

Would you like to be more focused and organized?

Do you need help overcoming bad habits that get in the way of your progress?

Have you lost your momentum for achieving the goals you set for the new year?


If you answered YES, then “March Forth! with Dr. Peg” on March 4, 2018. In this 60-minute webinar, you will learn principles of time management, common causes of procrastination, practical strategies for getting focused, and helpful productivity tips.


When? 3/4/18

Cost? only $34

How? You will receive the recorded webinar by email at 03:04 a.m. Mountain Time to view on demand at any time.

What? You will learn:

How to Manage Time & Tasks More Effectively. Time is your one non-renewable resource, but we can’t actually manage time; we manage tasks in allotted time frames. Maximize your productivity with minimum wasted effort by learning how to prioritize, prepare, organize, and execute.

Strategies to Overcome Procrastination.
Procrastination is the great thief of productivity and the enemy of change. Learn Dr. Peg’s “ABCs of change” to overcome workplace and personal procrastination.


  • What would overcoming procrastination mean to your business and personal life?
  • How would arriving on time or even early impact your reputation as a professional?
  • What would you do with all of the extra time you would have if you managed tasks more efficiently?


This webinar is normally a $200 value, but I am offering it on March 4th (3/4/18) for only $34.


If you are serious about increasing your productivity, managing time more effectively, and doing something different for a change, REGISTER NOW for “March Forth! with Dr. Peg.”

Space is limited, so act fast to secure your spot!


"March Forth! with Dr. Peg"
"March 4th! with Dr. Peg" webinar.
Price: $34.00