What readers are saying about Do Something Different…For a Change

“I had the chance to look at myself honestly and make an assessment on where I’m headed in my life. You challenged me to face my fears that I have so easily hidden behind and to grow up and become more mature in my faith. I have always lived by faith but I need to let go of past hurts and fears and press thru toward the future. The things of the past have died and the person I was has died and I need to focus on now and look toward the future.

I was also impressed that you spoke about your own hurts and pains of the past which allowed me to realize I can let go and let God continue to work on me.

I have been telling everybody I see about my renewed commitment and transformation into the new me. I’ve expressed my belief that I do not want to go back to being the way I once was. That person has died! A new Ronn has emerged who is being bold and courageous.

From that testimony, some folks are wondering what happened, why the change. I told them and they are interested in change as well. So I would like to purchase three of your books to pass along to these folks in an effort to help them see where they can start seeking change.

I’m getting the word out about how you’ve helped me and it’s only been four days into this. I’ve seen a change in my thinking, in my behavior. I thank-you so much for helping me strip away all the dead emotions and feelings that have been bottled inside and robbed me of being a better man. I’m on my way. Praise the Lord!”

Ronn Hutt
Aurora, CO

“My name is Ladi and Mr. Nickelson is a mentor of mine and he blessed me with a copy of your book for Christmas.  I started reading it on New Year’s Day and just finished it last night and it was wonderful.  I feel ready to begin 2009 attacking everything I set out to do.  It was an easy read and the interaction was necessary.  I have a dance company and a theater company and have always lived a fearless life, however reading your book inspired me to tell all of my friends about it.  I have read everything under the sun because that is a hobby of mine but I know so many people who will benefit from this.  Even more wonderful is that you are here in Denver.  I hate that I missed your event at Shadow, but I will try to come to one in the future.  I am in the community all the time and any help that you need to get your work out there I would love to aid.  My generation would relate to this so well because it is honest and real. Please use me if you can; if you can’t, please know that I will be telling people to use your book.  Thank you for believing in yourself because I am one of the people who needed it.  You are awesome and I look up to you for doing it!  I send you nothing but positive energy in 2009 and pray you receive all you deserve.”

A new fan,

Ladi Crenshaw
His and Hers Productions
Executive Artistic Director
I-ZON Dance

I have been paralyzed with fear for a long time. I think that’s what impacted me about your book right off. It dug right into that. The book is challenging. All of it hurts.

I initially skipped the questions after the first chapter because I could not handle what I was feeling. Then I remembered what you wrote about doing the work instead of just passively reading the words. I went back. I still haven’t completely finished question 1, but I cried out in pain to Him and that in itself was a remarkable 1st step for me.

That made it all worth it, and I still have the rest of the book ahead! I’ll definitely make sure I give you an update down the road. In my mind’s eye, I see joy in that place. It’s a spirit of hope I suppose! What a great gift.

I’d already written a note to myself which read “I will not cower in front of the enemy anymore.” Then when I closed the book for the night, I saw you’d written “persevere” on the inside! It all fit together. I knew it had to be a sign!

Elizabeth Ford
Attorney at Law

“Straight Talk…For a Change. Dr. Norwood made me feel more as my best friend giving advice over a cup of coffee than a Dr. you may feel intimidated by sitting on their couch. In “Do Something Different…For a Change”, Dr. Norwood interlaces testimonials with her own personal journey to reflect how life’s challenges can be overcome. Her fundamental principles will motivate and uplift you, give you the confidence and belief that change is nothing to fear, but a healthy growth period in your life that should be embraced and not ignored. A must read for anyone looking to change something about their life, by changing THEMSELVES first. Excellent book!!”

William Bessler, Jr.
Virginia Beach, VA

“I wanted to let you know that I am finished with reading the book. I salute your great work. Your book was straight forward and straight to the point. You gave the reader insight to their “non-changing” circumstances. Also, you included vital strategies to overcome and change. Although the book is relatively small, this does not take away the in depth wisdom, practical insight and knowledge.

I’ve mentioned to you that I’m on the journey of change. Most of what you shared was key points I try to practice on a daily basis to overcome the “non-change” state or cycle. Fear, insecurities, inadequate feelings, and the unknown were things I suffered/suffer with. You stated that a person must become sick and tired of their changeless situation. This is true for me; I had to become sick and tired of my unfruitful outcomes and the false beliefs I portrayed. Soul searching helped with identifying who I was, my potential, and my purpose for living.

I’ve learned to preserve wisdom and sound judgment, because the strong desire of the most pleasurable option may cause much pain and misery. Right actions are crucial to the transformation of the individual, and you did a great job touching on the topic.

Your I-witness testimonies were great examples that informed the reader of how your concepts appeared in action, and helped the reader evaluate things that pertain to their life.

I’m glad you trusted your instincts and wrote this book, it was very inspirational. Thank you. I wish you tremendous success with the outcome.”

Pamela Bynog

“I must admit, I’ll have to reread your book, because I feel you can’t get the full weight of it the first time. Especially the questions at the end.  You just can’t breeze through them. They challenge you to probe your heart and mind deeply. That can take some time..time alone with yourself reflecting in the mirror of your own conscious mind. You’re challenged to look at yourself in areas you have avoided because of pain, shame, and hurt. The payoff is that you feel so free when you clean that junk out and you’re able to be totally transparent and see yourself and still love yourself, too. There aren’t any lightening strikes, but you grow, and that’s a beautiful thing.

What I liked about the reading group, besides meeting new people, was the chance to share and find out that others are going on the same journey you are. It’s encouraging. You get to pour into someone’s life and they yours.”

Stephanie Hancock
Founder and Owner, Soul Den

“Your book is not the typical Self Help book. Chapter 4, I know you were talking directly to me –  scary :-). It gave me another perspective about changing myself, and I found that the subjects that you  discussed were part of my problem of not moving forward from my past. It confirmed some things I was thinking about pursuing, along with writing my own book. Your book is helping me to write more clearly about my story. You were definitely God sent!”

Lucinda Jenkins
Divine Journey Church

“When I began reading your book I thought I was happy for the most part. I was recovering from a life changing health issue and was ready to make some meaningful changes in my life, emotionally, physically, and in my relationships. When I saw the description of your book I thought it would be helpful in my quest to change some things. And it was.

My “B.E.D.” was…

Broken = communications with extended family & friends. (also drinking too much chardonnay and smoking cigarettes – I wanted to quit both) and the priorities here should have been switched around in terms of urgency

Empty = work life – I hated my job so I needed to find or create a new source of income

Disconnected = socially awkward, and didn’t know how to fix this. So guarded and fearful of how I am being judged that I am paralyzed in social situations.

Bottom line, I forced myself to work through the three weeks of changing my habits, most importantly how I think. And I have succeeded in many areas.

The physical habit of smoking cigarettes and chardonnay consumption are done. I am no longer a smoker or a drinker. I do not crave cigarettes anymore at all. I can have a glass of wine if I’m out for dinner and leave it at that … a glass of wine and not the whole bottle (plus more when I get home) like I used to drink. These are HUGE changes that I’ve tried to make many times before. I would quit for a week or so and then fall back into the routine. This time I focused on the “three weeks”. I told myself time and time again that if I could keep it up for three weeks the habit would be broken. I would no longer crave these things, and it worked for me. I’m free.

Now I’m still working on the communication issue with extended family and friends, but it’s already getting better because of my own intentions.

I’m also still working on the social awkwardness by getting to the root of my guardedness and fear of judgment and understanding why I even care what people think.  I’m looking in the mirror and being honest to make the changes I want and I will get there.

So, that’s it. I found the book very useful, easy to read and enjoyable.  Thank you.”

Very Sincerely,

Stephanie Beverly-Smith
Los Angeles, CA

“As I started to read “Do Something Different For a Change”,  I had not planned to participate in the activities appearing at the end of  each chapter;  I was just reading it as a form of entertainment.  Halfway through the third chapter however,  I eagerly  began to look forward to reaching the chapter’s end so that I could see if I were able to answer whatever questions were asked.  I  had discovered that the questions at the end of the previous  two chapters had provoked  a surfacing of issues of which I was in denial; a revelation which was just then becoming unearthed.

Part of my preparation for starting  a change is to dispel or,  I should say, dispose of some of my self imposed fears;  fears which have inhibited my moving beyond  a mentally constructed safety zone.

I appreciate what reading Dr. Norwood’s book has inspired and given me courage to do. More than that, I appreciate being able to realize that an actual NEED for a change did exist.  I’ve already begun reevaluating my priorities so that I might  rearrange them to accommodate the implementation of my change or maybe even changes.

Thank you, Dr. Norwood.”

LaWanda Holderness