Overcome Procrastination…NOW!

Procrastination is the great thief of productivity. It has many causes including feeling overwhelmed, boredom, fear of failure, perfectionism, poor time management, and negative beliefs about one’s ability or self worth. “Cyberslacking” is becoming a more common source of procrastination. Ten minutes on Facebook can turn into an hour. Checking a statistic online for work […]

Why Do I Do What I Don’t Want to Do and Don’t Do What I Want to Do?

For the new year, did you resolve to exercise more, eat better, or quit smoking? If you are like most people, you’ll be enthusiastic for a few days, and then, well, “things” will get in the way. Using a little psychology,  you can evaluate your New Year’s resolutions and develop an effective plan to accomplish […]

15 Minutes Can Change Your Life!

When I was a graduate student studying clinical psychology at the University of Virginia, my apartment lease in Virginia was up one month before I was scheduled to begin my pre-doctoral internship in Memphis, Tennessee. So I moved to Memphis early, rented an apartment, and found a part time job in the evening typing for […]

Change is HARD

The new year and its accompanying “new year’s resolutions” are upon us. A resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. How many times have you decided to do something different in the new year only to find yourself six months later right back where you started? Change is hard. If […]

Behavior Chain Analysis

“Behavior chain analysis” is a good strategy for overcoming bad habits. Working backwards, identify the small little steps that add up to your bad habit. If you don’t do the first step in the chain (and replace it with something incompatible), it won’t trigger the next step, which in turn won’t trigger the bad habit. […]

21 Day Challenge TIPS

The most effective way I know to make lasting change in your life is to identify one small thing you can start doing that will move you toward your ultimate goal and then stick with it until it becomes a habit (about 21 days). Use the tips below as a guide: Focus on just this […]

21 Day Challenge

I’m doing something different for a change. Anyone care to join me? Psychologists say it takes twenty one days to form a new habit (or break an old one). Pick one small thing to work on and stick with it for the next 21 days. It helps to select one goal and focus your attention […]