7-8-17 It’s Time to Shift! (Radio)

Listen to previous episodes Are you feeling stuck and ready to shift in a new direction? On the next episode of Living Well with Dr. Peg, author, Dr. Carla Coburn offers helpful insights from her new book, “It’s Time to Shift,” and gives us practical advice on how to move with God and execute his […]

A Vision For Your Life – Virtual Book Club

February 5, 2014 – A Vision For Your Life radio program on KLDC 1220 AM in Denver is hosting a virtual book club using Do Something Different…For a Change. Dr. Peg is the new co-host for the program and shared an overview of the book.  

Change is SCARY!

In our culture, fear and horror are best-selling commodities. Halloween, including its haunted houses, ghosts, skeletons, and black cats, delights children of all ages. Who hasn’t enjoyed seeing a movie that puts you on the edge of your seat? Right after you scream with horror, you giggle with glee. But, if you mention the word […]

Do Something Different for a Change in 2012

December 30, 2011 – A panel of experts discusses new year’s resolutions and goal setting related to fitness, weight loss, finances, relationships, and self esteem on the Living Well with Dr. Peg show. Guests: Shainika Jacobs, Kim Farmer, Jendayi Harris, Teresa McCaskill. Listen live every Friday at 4 pm MST/6 pm EST on 1220 AM […]

Change You Can Believe In

9-10-08 – Dr. Peg is interviewed live on KGNU Radio (Denver) on the Metro talk show with host, Dr. Johanna Gallers. Dr. Peg discusses principles of behavioral change along with Dr. Howard Markman, a couples and marital therapist from Denver University.