A Vision For Your Life – Virtual Book Club

February 5, 2014 – A Vision For Your Life radio program on KLDC 1220 AM in Denver is hosting a virtual book club using Do Something Different…For a Change. Dr. Peg is the new co-host for the program and shared an overview of the book.  

Change is SCARY!

In our culture, fear and horror are best-selling commodities. Halloween, including its haunted houses, ghosts, skeletons, and black cats, delights children of all ages. Who hasn’t enjoyed seeing a movie that puts you on the edge of your seat? Right after you scream with horror, you giggle with glee. But, if you mention the word […]

Do Something Different for a Change in 2012

December 30, 2011 – A panel of experts discusses new year’s resolutions and goal setting related to fitness, weight loss, finances, relationships, and self esteem on the Living Well with Dr. Peg show. Guests: Shainika Jacobs, Kim Farmer, Jendayi Harris, Teresa McCaskill. Listen live every Friday at 4 pm MST/6 pm EST on 1220 AM […]

Change You Can Believe In

9-10-08 – Dr. Peg is interviewed live on KGNU Radio (Denver) on the Metro talk show with host, Dr. Johanna Gallers. Dr. Peg discusses principles of behavioral change along with Dr. Howard Markman, a couples and marital therapist from Denver University.