March Forth! with Dr. Peg

Are you a chronic procrastinator? Do you have trouble managing your time? Would you like to be more focused and organized? Do you need help overcoming bad habits that get in the way of your progress? Have you lost your momentum for achieving the goals you set for the new year?   If you answered […]

12-31-16 Keeping Your Fitness New Year’s Resolutions

On this episode of Living Well with Dr. Peg, owner of Mile High Fitness and Wellness, Kim Farmer shares her expert advice on making and keeping your fitness and wellness new years resolutions. Brought to you by SSI Guardian every Saturday at 1 pm Mountain on 94.7 KRKS. Listen to previous episodes Video Promo:

Behavior Chain Analysis

“Behavior chain analysis” is a good strategy for overcoming bad habits. Working backwards, identify the small little steps that add up to your bad habit. If you don’t do the first step in the chain (and replace it with something incompatible), it won’t trigger the next step, which in turn won’t trigger the bad habit. […]