12-24-16 Psychology and the Church (Radio)

Some people believe that you can’t be a Christian and embrace psychology. But on this week’s episode of Living Well with Dr. Peg, Psychologist, Dr. Matthew Stanford helps believers see the value of psychology when it comes to understanding mental health problems like addiction, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Brought to you by SSI Guardian on […]

8-13-16 Coping with Death and Loss (Radio)

War, terror, violence, and personal loss due to illness, aging, and tragedy…it all takes a toll. Do you know how to care for yourself and loved ones after a tragedy strikes? On this episode of Living Well with Dr. Peg, licensed therapist and psychology professor, Linda Buzogany shares information on coping with death and loss. […]

RSVP Open House

“Do Something Different for a Change in 2013: Open House” Saturday, January 5, 2013 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm 2101 S. Blackhawk St. Suite 140  Aurora, CO 80014   I am now accepting new clients for Christian counseling and personal transformation coaching and will be working with individual adults (both men and women) using short-term, solution-focused, […]

Walking in Victory!

December 7, 2012 – Are you ready to be transformed?  God promises us that the old is gone, the new has come and if you are in Christ, you are a new creation. But many of us still have difficulty walking in emotional freedom and victory. To help us with some practical advice for obtaining […]