8-13-16 Coping with Death and Loss (Radio)

War, terror, violence, and personal loss due to illness, aging, and tragedy…it all takes a toll. Do you know how to care for yourself and loved ones after a tragedy strikes? On this episode of Living Well with Dr. Peg, licensed therapist and psychology professor, Linda Buzogany shares information on coping with death and loss. […]

Self-Care, Stress Management, and Burnout Prevention in Higher Education

Got stress? Then this webinar is for you. Not only for higher education professionals, this webinar is for anyone who struggles with stress and achieving balance at work, home, or school. Register at http://www.trainhr.com/control/w_product/~product_id=700933LIVE/~Peggy_Mitchell%20Clarke/~Self-Care,_Stress_Management,_and_Burnout_Prevention_in_Higher_Education