9-24-16 Faith and Mental Health (Radio)

Too often our faith communities believe mental illness is a moral or spiritual failure instead of a treatable illness. Rev. Susan Gregg-Schroeder, the founder of Mental Health Ministries, discusses how faith communities can help erase the stigma of mental illness and the important role a person’s spirituality can play in recovery and healing. Living Well […]

Love, Marriage, and Counseling – A Vision For Your Life Radio Program

  Dr. Peg and Marathon Man Clarke discuss Love, Marriage & Counseling with Desiree and Don “the Rev” Fulbright. Listen live to “A Vision For Your Life” on 1220KLDC.com on Wednesdays from noon to 1 pm. Listen to Part 2 here.

Prayer Accountability Challenge

September 16, 2011 – Apostle Phillip F. Smith, Jr., Senior Pastor of Colorado Christian Fellowship, offers practical strategies to help you to pray without ceasing. Listen live every Friday at 4 pm Mountain Time (6 pm Eastern) to Living Well with Dr. Peg on 1220 AM in Denver and live on the web at www.1220kldc.com.

Press On

Someone once said, “There are no new ideas, just people who don’t know the old ones.” As the author of a book called, Do Something Different for a Change, I like to think that I “wrote the book on change.” But actually, I think someone else beat me to it…Maybe you’ve heard of this other […]